Tap, Hip Hop, Jazz, Toddler, Ballet, Break Dance in Fawkner

Share in the enthusiasm and joy of dance by attending the dance classes instructed by Beat Dance School. For over 12 years our skilled and professional instructors have been teaching Melbourne residents of all ages and skill levels the art of dance.

Potential students can learn a wide range of classical and contemporary styles of dance under our studio’s roof. Possessing extensive training and years of experience our easy to follow and professional dance classes give Fawkner residents, from adults to toddlers, the knowledge to dance for fun or for competition.

Whether you want to tap dance to your heart’s content, hip hop dance, jazz dance, practice ballet, or break dance, our focused and reasonably-priced dance classes are what you’ve been waiting for. To book your spot, or your child’s spot, in our modern and spacious dance studio give us a call on 0408 519 330.

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