Tap, Hip Hop, Jazz, Toddler, Ballet, Break Dance in Heidelberg

Thanks to the modern and expressive dance classes run by Beat Dance School you can now be prepared for weddings, parties, and other social events. Structured to cater for both novices and dancers alike our innovative and safe dance classes provide Heidelberg residents with the guidance and training they need to find their feet.

From our modern and spacious studio environment Melburnians of all ages can learn how to perform unique and graceful dance styles. From classical styles such as ballet, tap, and jazz dancing, through to contemporary styles including hip hop and break dance, our classes help Heidelberg residents discover their hidden talents and abilities.

At Beat Dance School we strive to provide dance classes, lessons, and workshops perfect for all Melbourne residents. Along with our adult classes we can deliver beneficial toddler dance classes that Heidelberg parents can take advantage of. Able to greatly improve coordination, muscle strength, balance, and rhythm our safe and supervised dance classes are perfect for growing bodies. Secure your space in our walls today by call us on 0408 519 330.

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