We have Hip Hop classes for ages 4yrs - Adult.


Hip Hop - Poppy, Short, Sharp movements, posture is  grounded and centered. Music: Popular artists, 

Junior Classes -  it covers all basic elements of dance, such as balance, strength and isolation through exercises, travelling steps and routines which in turn develops and loosens there bodies to create the hip hop style.

Primary Classes -  Building on from Junior hip hop classes, these classes start to develop attitude and style, and further build their repertoire of choreography. Hip Hop focuses on isolation and footwork, It’s great for groovers who love dancing.

Senior Classes - Keeping in line with age appropriate moves and music, these classes gear towards the intermediate level. Learning a wide range of Choreography, the class explores the different sub styles of Hip Hop such as Lyrical, Old School, and Break.

Adult Classes - Hip Hop which teaches different styles of dance for an engaging and enjoyable class. Is scheduled every holidays. 

Class Times

Junior Hip Hop for ages 4-8yrs

Junior Inter Hip Hop for ages 7-10yrs

Intermediate Hip Hop for ages  7-16yrs      

This is assessed on ability rather than age

Senior Hip Hop for ages 13yrs plus, Open age        

Adult Hip Hop for Adults

Teachers for these classes:  Venessa Frew, Chloe Jobson, Thuhini Amarasekera and Kelsey Jenning



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Pay By the Term

Via Credit Card/Cash/Direct Debit

10 weeks 30min $100

10 weeks 45 min $140 

10 weeks 60min $170                                                                                                       

Adult Classes have available Casual attendance.                                      Single Session $18                              5 pass $90                                         10 Pass $175