Tap, Hip Hop, Jazz, Toddler, Ballet, Break Dance in Reservoir

Change the tempo in your life by signing up to Beat Dance School’s modern dance classes. Dedicated to helping locals across Melbourne master different and expressive styles of dance, our highly-experienced and fully-qualified dance instructors can provide you with attentive direction and guidance to help you get a better feel for the style you are learning.

In our modern and safe dance studio we can deliver the dance classes our Reservoir students have been searching for. Accommodating for all skill and mobility levels our inclusive classes, workshops, and sessions have all been modified to create an optimal learning environment.

To provide everyone who walks through our door with the highest standard of learning Beat Dance School expertly teaches a number of classical and contemporary dance styles. Perfected over our 12 years of experience we can guide our students through hip hop, break dancing, jazz, tap, and ballet dance classes. Reservoir residents, young and old, can gain a spring in their step by signing up to one of our renowned classes.

Whether you are looking to show off your moves at your upcoming wedding, or you want to dance for competition, Beat Dance School has got you covered. To find out about our specialised toddler dance classes or anything else related to dance call us today on 0408 519 330.

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