Our Team and Passion

Beat Dance school began in 2006. The purpose was to open a school where people could access good safe dance practices; where the opportunity was available for all types of people, who could join in the passion and inspiration dance delivers. At Beat Dance we share the enthusiasm and strive to fulfill and satisfy, your every dance need.

Venessa Frew teacher and principal has been dancing for the over 25 years has worked in the industry and has a passion for dance, Venessa’s experience entails:
A bachelor of Arts Degree, Performing Arts Certificate 4, Teaching certificates from the Southern Federation of Dance and Dance Factory.
She has performed in, choreographed and directed many theatrical plays, musicals, dance concerts, commercials and films.
— Venessa Frew
 Venessa Frew

Venessa Frew

TEACHER: Venessa Frew
EXPERIENCE: 28 years

The Space
Dance Factory
Southern Federation of Dance
Salisus Dance School

SFD teachers Certificate
DFTA teachers Associate Certificate
Certificate 4 in Performing Arts
B/A Degree of Theatre & Drama and Cinema Studies
LA Dance Force Scholarship

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Jail House Rock Show, Love’s Brother, Tom White, A toast To Love, Neighbours, Hamish and Andy Show, Kids Entertainment, Goulburn Valley Commercial, to name a few. 

Amy Radford


Expert in Classical Ballet

Daniela Mercuri,                                                      Chloe Jobson,                                                      Thuhini Amarasekera,  Lyndsay Gullen, Amy Radford, Helena Hatz, Rachel Koenig, Kelsey Jennings, Venessa Frew   

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Lyndsay Gullen: Expert in Hip Hop.


Lyndsay Gullen

Chloe Jobson: Expert in Hip Hop and Jazz further styles, Tap and Classical Ballet.


Chloe Jobson

Rachel Koenig:  Expert in Jazz Tap and Classical Ballet

Rachel K pic.png

Rachel Koenig




Thuhini Amarasekera: Expert in Hip Hop

Thuhini Amarasekera

Kelsey Jennings: Expert In Hip Hop and Urban Dance

Kelsey PIC.jpg

Kelsey Jennings

Helena Hatz Expert in: Tap and Ballet 

Helena Hatz PHOTO.jpg

Helena Hatz