Hip Hop

Hip Hop
Hip Hop - Poppy, Short, Sharp movements to street dance music.
Our Recreational or Pre professional classes are priced by the Term. Pricing is by minutes and hours enquire to find out.
  • Junior Classes
    Junior Hip Hop for ages 5-8yrs
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    Covering the basic elements of dance i.e. balance, strength, isolation movements, travelling steps and choreography. These classes help develop and loosen students bodies to create the hip hop style.

  • Intermediate Classes
    Junior Inter Hip Hop for ages 8-14yrs
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    Building on from Junior hip hop classes, these classes start to develop attitude and style, and further build their repertoire of choreography. Hip Hop focuses on isolation and footwork, It’s great for groovers who love dancing.

  • Senior Classes
    Intermediate to advanced Hip Hop for ages 13yrs above
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    Keeping in line with age appropriate moves and music, these classes gear towards the intermediate advanced level. Learning a wide range of Choreography, the class explores the different sub styles of Hip Hop such as Lyrical, Old School, Heels and Break

Teachers for the classes
  • Teacher1

    Venessa Frew

  • Mealboy

    Mael Noutsa

  • Courtney

    Courtney Bruns

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