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Tap - creating percussive beats with aluminium plated tap shoes.
  • Mini’s & Junior Classes
    Junior Tap for ages 3-4yrs and 5-9yrs
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    Students will learn the fundamentals of Tap Dance through exercises, games and routines. These classes are fun filled to ensure children have a good experience that will lead them to enjoy dance, exercise and fitness.

  • Intermediate Classes
    Primary Tap for ages 9-13yrs
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    Students begin to consolidate their knowledge, and may partake in exams. All the foundation steps of Tap are learnt and fine tuning of the basic steps begins. Through positive reinforcement students achieve their full potential.

  • Senior Classes
    Senior Tap for ages 13yrs plus
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    Students become proficent at Tap dance and now can really challenge themselves. Important elements such as timing, coordination and fluid movement are fine tuned and performance style begins to develop, making classes completely enjoyable.

Teachers for the classes
  • Teacher1

    Venessa Frew

  • Team2

    Daniela Mercuri

  • Catherine

    Catherine Spanti

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