Due to covid our classes are online via Zoom until end of stage 4 lockdown, or step 4 of the roadmap. Enrolments are open for term 4, for a free trial online click the free trial button on the right side or please go to the timetable page to book into classes.


Jazz - Include a range of styles and music, such as, Musical Theatre, Commercial Jazz, Song and Dance, Pop, RNB and Funk. Introducing these styles will make for an all rounded dancer/performer. All Jazz classes help students with coordination, strength and isolation of the body.
  • Junior Classes
    Jazz ballet for ages 2-5yrs
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    Students learn the foundation of movement through games, exercise and choreography. Children learn the beginnings of advanced skills such as, Direction, Coordination steps, Travelling movements, Body awareness, and performing as a group. This knowledge of dance is cemented by our exam syllabus (SFD) which is not compulsory, but helps the child to retain 99% of skills learnt each year.

  • Primary Classes
    Primary Jazz for ages 5 - 12yrs
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    Following on from Junior classes, students progress as skills become more intricate. They learn and understand musicality, strength, flexibility, rhythm, and their repertoire of steps grows to help them grasp and achieve in their dance classes.

  • Senior Classes
    Senior Jazz ( and Adult Jazz Contemporary) for ages 13yrs to Adults
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    The basis of choreography becomes more focussed in these classes as steps become intricate and challenging. With a strong background and the repetition of skills learnt from previous levels, students have the opportunity to perform to fine tune there dancing style.

Beat dance is a member of the Southern federation of dance: With the Southern Federation of Dance syllabus students learn about each style in a comprehensive manner. SFD helps provide exams, master classes, competitions and workshops to enhance students training. Our level classes are fun and perfect for those wanting to go further with their dancing. Training leads to career opportunities such as Teaching, Performing, Choreographing, Adjudicating and much more
Teachers for the classes
  • Teacher1

    Venessa Frew

  • Team2

    Daniela Mercuri

  • Catherine

    Catherine Spanti

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  • Hip Hop Break Acro 1.5hrs
  • Jazz Cheer Contemporary 1.5hrs
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