Break and Hip Hop Classes for 16yrs and under

Our Break n Hip Hop classes help students get into the style, learning key basic skills that set up all big moves. Children gain the strength and understanding of how break moves begin so that they are learning in a safe dance environment. 

Primary Classes:

Break and Hip Hop Saturday 12.55pm 60min  - ages 6-9yrs level 1 and 2 

Strength/Acro Training 1.55 - 2.40pm 45 miner all ages (limited places) 

Break and Hip Hop Saturday 2.45pm 60min - ages 15yrs under Level 2 and 3 

Break and Hip Hop Saturday 3.45pm 45min  - ages 4-7yrs Beginners 

Break and Hip Hop Monday 5.30pm 60min  - ages 6-10yrs Beginners

POWER MOVES MONDAY 6.30pm 60min - experienced students only OPEN AGE  Taking interest only



Pay By the Term

Via Credit Card/Cash/Direct Debit

10 weeks 30min $100

10 weeks 45 min $140 

10 weeks 60min $170                                                                                                       

Adult Classes have available Casual attendance.                                      Single Session $18                              5 pass $90                                         10 Pass $175